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The installation and maintenance of a correctly assessed and installed automated water reticulation system is a vital contribution towards the management of a healthy, low maintenance and lush landscape and the most efficient and effective water delivery system, especially during extended dry periods and water restrictions.

Without such a system, even the smallest landscape risks having it's water needs neglected and deteriorate surprisingly quickly.

A professional, correctly installed water reticulation system, with solid, reliable components will both serve your landscape's water needs and provide you with the peace of mind through the reliability of consistent performance.

Albany Reticulation and Landscaping, as a proven and experienced reticulation professional, can ensure that all of the forgoing factors are smoothly integrated and balanced so as to ensure a first class, worry free reticulation system working at optimum efficiency.
There are a number of vital elements that needs to be considered:


Vital to an efficient water delivery system are the quality and type of components that your reticulation system is comprised of.

At the heart of such a system is a good quality, suitable controller, that acts as the reticulation management system.

The controller allows you, or your reticulation professional, to configure watering events that ensure your flora receives the correct amount of water.

This unit automatically controls the activation of each watering area of your garden (stations) in accordance with the programming.

Unless you have a very small garden, you will need a number of stations.

All else equal, the larger the area that needs watering, the more stations you will require and this in turn may determine the controller required.     



These are in-line valves that are wired to the controller and allow water flow by opening and closing in accordance with programmed  instructions from the controller.

The solenoids can be of a fixed or variable flow variety, allowing fine tuning of water delivery to the watering station.

Quality solenoids will provide long life, trouble free and dependable service.

Usually, one solenoid is installed at each water station.     
The installation of a separate reticulation branch valve is an often overlooked essential water delivery and maintenance component.

This ensures maxim supply of water to your reticulation system by allowing the fitting of suitable internal diameter high pressure PVC piping from the outlet union.

Importantly, the branch valve also allows you to isolate the water supply to your reticulation system, should the need arise, without affecting your domestic water supply availability.  


In order to effect an efficient, well balanced water mains fed reticulation system, it is essential that the flow rate of your water supply is carefully measured.

Many factors contribute to the flow rate of your water mains delivered supply and the flow rate can vary considerably at each location.

An accurate flow rate assessment and measurement will ensure that your reticulation terminal delivery is configured correctly for each watering station.


This forms the arterial distribution of your water reticulation system.

The piping comes in two forms, PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and Poly (etheline) Pipe and various diameters.

In addition, PVC pipe is available in different pressure ratings.

Once again, selection of the right material, rating and diameter is absolutely essential in ensuring that water is distributed effectively and that the terminal equipment (sprinklers) do their job correctly.


This is the term describes a vast range of different water distribution equipment available.

These take the form of sprinklers or drippers, each with their own water delivery characteristics and water delivery requirements (how much water they need to receive to work efficiently).

Care must be taken to ensure that the right terminal equipment is placed on each water station, appropriate to the location, terrain, prevailing conditions and what is being watered.
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